Introducing BreachResponse™

The proprietary software and workflows that cut post-breach review costs by 50%. Only from Trustpoint.One.

One Data Breach.

350,000 lost emails, 450,000 data owner references, over a million data points, 30 days to give notice. This is exactly the scenario that BreachResponse™ was designed for.

Designed to Simplify.

When a Data Breach occurs, it can be a logistical nightmare. Manually abstracting exposed data is cumbersome, time consuming, and expensive. This is precisely why we’ve developed BreachResponse. Our proprietary software application with advanced data-parsing, quality control and related workflows help streamline and standardize the process of identifying and notifying the persons or entities whose confidential information was exposed, allowing you to respond quickly and minimize costs.


BreachResponse helps facilitate the accurate and efficient identification and recording of the individual data owners whose confidential personal information was lost in the breach and the corresponding instances of lost information.


BreachResponse helps organize and rationalize the record of individual data owners and their lost instances of confidential personal information, allowing for an assessment of the scope of the breach.


BreachResponse streamlines the notification process by providing an ordered list of the data owners and the specific types of personal information each lost, allowing for an easy mail merge of the information.

Built on Relativity®.

Running on Relativity, the world’s leading eDiscovery platform, allows BreachResponse to leverage the already powerful data processing tools at your disposal.

The Support you Need.

Trustpoint prides itself on service and project management. If you find yourself in need of the BreachResponse team, it means time is of the essence. We’ll be here to respond in a moments notice and walk you through the whole process, beginning to end.

Let’s Talk.

If you’ve recently experienced a data breach, BreachResponse from Trustpoint.One can help.