Remote Depositions: A Few Things We’ve Learned.

As we've done thousands of remote depositions in the past few months, we've all pretty much adjusted to the new normal. Here's a few things we've learned.

Paralegal Life: Adding Value in a Remote World

Trustpoint's Amanda Mosbaugh talks about life from the perspective of a paralegal. How to handle the chaos, what impact the switch to remote work has had, and more.

From Courtrooms to Living Rooms: Adjusting to Virtual Depositions

Mary Grace Castleberry and Desirae Jura are court reporters with decades of experience, who suddenly found themselves working from home in a profession which has historically been undertaken solely in courtrooms and law firms. We sat down to find out how they’ve adapted.

Interview with Amanda Mosbaugh: Paralegal Life

Months into the pandemic, most people are finding ways to navigate the challenges of remote interactions. We spoke with Amanda Mosbaugh about her work in legal support and business development, and learned how she juggles client needs while working from home.

Preparing for Your Remote Deposition

Preparing for a remote deposition is similar but slightly different than preparing for  one that is attended in person. For the purposes of this article, we’ll break the preparation into two parts; the technology part and the deposition…