Multilingual eDiscovery: 3 Steps to Successful Outcomes

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, 21% of corporate counsel in a recent survey said they’d experienced an increase in cross-border litigation. We don't see this trend reversing anytime soon.

Attorneys & Ai: The Future is Collaborative

While Ai will radically alter how work gets done and who does it, the technology’s larger impact will be in complementing and augmenting human capabilities, not replacing them.

How Dedicated Pods Deliver a Great Customer Experience

As ediscovery becomes more and more commoditized, many firms are focused on different ways to create value and develop better partnerships with legal teams. We spoke with Phil Shellhaas, Executive Vice President of Legal Solutions, to learn…

Aligning Interests & Rethinking eDiscovery

We got together with Zeke Alicea, who has been in the legal tech industry for more than 15 years, to get his perspective on the industry and talk about long-term relationships, creating a win-win solution, and challenging the status quo.

Work Backwards From a Smiling Customer

In this interview, Our Executive Vice President of eDiscovery, Phil Shellhaas, answers the question: How do you separate yourself when everyone has access to the same technology?

5 reasons eDiscovery and Review work better together.

1) Improved Communication. The simple back and forth of team communication is often the biggest factor in slowing down the process. We’ve been part of every side of this equation. We’ve done just eDiscovery, just Review,…

Ethical eDiscovery for New York Lawyers

The pervasiveness of technology in our everyday lives is unmistakable.  The next time you walk down a city street, go out for coffee or spend time at a family gathering, take a moment, and reflect upon the number of people on their…

Five eDiscovery Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

The pace of technological innovation and the explosion of electronically stored information (ESI) has forced the legal industry to adapt quickly. This is particularly true when it comes to eDiscovery. The vast amounts of data created by email,…

Improve Cost Predictability: Step Two in Non-Zero eDiscovery.

The complexity and rising costs associated with ESI and eDiscovery services are forcing innovation and market disruption with predictable pricing models, as seen in Trustpoint’s Managed Solutions offerings. There are many vendors claiming…

Manage Data Better: Step One in Non-Zero eDiscovery.

In our playbook, step one is managing your data better. Technology is all around us, and it’s fueling the 21st century data boom. This ubiquitous technology is creating billions of pieces of communication a day.