Increasing our Focus on People

Our Director of HR, Kaylee Reed, discusses how Trustpoint values its employees, and how that creates a collaborative work environment.

Interview - Perspectives on Remote Review

Trustpoint's Denika Thomas, Esq, shares her thoughts about how people on all sides of the equation are adapting to the demands of remote environments. 

Flexible Talent: Evolving Resilience 
in Trying Times

Though it’s been around for twenty years or more, the flexible talent model is a game changer that’s redefining legal operations. We spoke with Cristine Rankin, our partner at Entrusted Advisors, about what this solution can do.

Paralegal Life: Adding Value in a Remote World

Trustpoint's Amanda Mosbaugh talks about life from the perspective of a paralegal. How to handle the chaos, what impact the switch to remote work has had, and more.

Legal Load Management: Strategies From the NBA

If you followed the NBA in recent years, you’ve probably heard the term load management being discussed. Essentially, it is a strategy teams are using to protect the health of their athletes. The idea, embraced by forward thinking…

What is Flexible Legal Talent?

In this interview, Cristine Rankin (From our partner, Entrusted Advisors) explains the Flexible Legal Talent model from multiple perspectives. What it is, how firms can use it, and what it means for lawyers.

Interim, On-Demand Legal Talent as a Long Term Solution

A Common Misconception There is common assumption that interim, on-demand legal talent can only be used as a stop-gap or temporary solution. This isn’t necessarily the case. The benefits can also be applied long-term. For example: Ten…