Nation’s Largest Privately Held Discovery Services Provider Has a Solution to Mitigate Health Risks.
ATLANTA, GA. March 12, 2020

As the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, leading health organizations, including the WHO and CDC, have advised against unnecessary travel and avoidance of large group settings. In response, Trustpoint.One, a premier provider of integrated legal solutions in the U.S., today announced the expansion of its Trust.Review solution, a virtual document review platform. Traditionally, document review projects are conducted by groups of attorneys in close proximity. Trustpoint’s new platform eliminates this need for physical proximity and its related health risks.

“Our virtual review platform provides the business continuity for our clients and employees while mitigating the health risks we all want to avoid,” says Mark Hawn, Trustpoint’s CEO.

Proven Process
“What we have in place” explains Ki Hwang, Trustpoint’s President of Managed Review, “is our proven review process virtually. We use the same project managers, the same workflows, the same proven talent, and decentralize the project using remote technology.”

As firms around the world have already begun restricting travel and encouraging work from home when available, Trustpoint anticipates a quick adoption of its virtual review platform.

“The deployment of this technology has been in place for years for our teams,” says Joe Harper, Trustpoint’s Chief Technology Officer. “We are in a position where we are able to immediately transfer any existing review project onto our virtual platform, with minimal business interruption.”

Built on Security
Document review requires a high level of security, and Trustpoint’s new virtual platform is no different. “Trust.Review features proven secure virtual desktop solutions, which all leverage AES-256 encryption complimented with two-factor authentication, backed by ISO & SOC certified data centers” says Joe Harper. He also adds “our clients can rest assured virtual review is every bit as secure as the physical counterpart.”

About Trustpoint.One:
Trustpoint.One, the largest privately held discovery services provider in the U.S., offers integrated legal solutions for leading law firms and corporations worldwide, including eDiscovery, Managed Review, Depositions, and Court Reporting Solutions, Translations, Legal Staffing and IT Staffing Solutions.

Trustpoint.One, NexLP Partnership Brings Power of Applied Artificial Intelligence To Clients

Trustpoint.One, a premier provider of integrated legal solutions in the U.S., today announced the creation of a new Artificial Intelligence Consulting group headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. This new venture from Trustpoint coincides with a partnership with NexLP and increases its growing national footprint and spearheads their move into AI-based approaches to eDiscovery and knowledge management.

As the proliferation of data increases at an ever-expanding rate, the use of Artificial Intelligence is becoming an essential tool in legal technology. Jaclyn Schoen, VP of Strategy and AI at Trustpoint, says: “It just isn’t possible anymore to analyze data manually, the vast quantities of interrelated documents now require intelligent computing in order to make sense of them.” She adds, “Ultimately, our work is about understanding data. For our clients, it’s about delivering what matters.”

Trustpoint’s new AI group leverages NexLP’s Story Engine solution to provide clients with enhanced early case assessment (ECA), technology-assisted review (TAR) and Continuous Active Learning (CAL) for building AI models to efficiently uncover critical case details and provide instant evidence necessary to win their cases.

“Jaclyn Schoen and the Trustpoint team are working diligently to stay one step ahead of the eDiscovery curve by expanding their physical and technological footprint,” said Jay Leib, NexLP CEO. “This partnership brings the power of NexLP’s AI platform to Trustpoint’s clients to streamline legal teams’ abilities to find the facts that matter in the shortest amount of time, resulting in exceptional outcomes.”

The Power of One™

The new consulting group adds to Trustpoint’s already comprehensive lineup of integrated legal solutions. “Our goal,” says Mark Hawn, Trustpoint CEO, “is to provide everything our clients need, all in one place. Our new group in Chicago will be providing an essential resource in today’s legal landscape and setting us up for the future as well.”

The move into Artificial Intelligence is a natural progression for the company, which has a history of providing technology-based legal solutions. “Our clients are not concerned with technology itself, they are concerned with their case and achieving the best possible outcome.” Says Phil Shellhaas, Executive Vice President – Legal Discovery Solutions.

“Our job is to leverage the right technology, at the right time, and in the right context in order for the client to achieve their best possible outcome.”

About Trustpoint.One:
Trustpoint.One, the largest privately held eDiscovery provider in the U.S., offers integrated legal solutions for leading law firms and corporations worldwide, including: eDiscovery, Managed Review, Depositions and Court Reporting Solutions, Translations, Legal Staffing and IT Staffing Solutions.

About NexLP:
NexLP’s Story Engine™ uses AI and machine learning to derive actionable insight from structured and unstructured data to help legal, corporate and compliance teams proactively mitigate risk and untapped opportunities faster and with a greater understanding of context.

Trustpoint.One, a premier eDiscovery and legal solutions provider in the U.S., announced that Jones Walker––a top law firm serving local, regional, national and international business interests for more than 80 years––has enhanced its eDiscovery capabilities by choosing Trustpoint.One to support its instance of Relativity, the world’s leading eDiscovery platform.

“Since 2013, Jones Walker has been leveraging custom Relativity workflows to deliver value to our clients,” said Elaine Bienvenu, Director of IT for Jones Walker. “The move to Trustpoint.One’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Managed Solutions offering enables us to continue to deliver a superior experience to our internal and external clients with enhanced speed, efficiency and communication.”

“Rather than managing technology, our team is able to focus on data management and providing higher-level consulting to our clients and case teams,” said R.P. Smith, Manager of Practice Support for Jones Walker. Smith adds, “The transition was both seamless and invisible to our legal teams. Trustpoint.One continues to make investments in infrastructure and delivers the personalized customer service that we both value and need. With Trustpoint.One, the focus on customer service and support is apparent.”

“Leading organizations look to Trustpoint.One when they want the control provided by licensing their own instance of Relativity, without the expense and burden associated with supporting internal software and upgrades, storage management and other IT functions,” said Zeke Alicea, Trustpoint.One Managing Director.

This announcement comes on the heels of several new acquisitions and similar eDiscovery deals for Trustpoint, validating market adoption of their game-changing Managed Solutions® offering, announced just prior to Legaltech one year ago.

About Jones Walker
Jones Walker, LLP is among the 120 largest law firms in the United States serving local, regional, national, and international business interests with offices in Alabama, Arizona, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York and Texas. The firm is committed to providing a comprehensive range of legal services to major multinational, public and private corporations, Fortune® 500 companies, money center banks, worldwide insurers and emerging companies doing business in the United States and abroad. Visit

Trustpoint.One, a premier eDiscovery and legal solutions provider in the U.S., today announced the acquisition of Kelly Legal Managed Services (KLMS), formerly known as “Kelly Law Registry,” making this the third in a series of Trustpoint acquisitions during Q4 of 2018, including Alderson Court Reporting and Confluent Translations.

“Kelly” is a respected name in the legal talent industry. Widely credited with pioneering the modern temporary help industry, William Russell Kelly founded the company in Detroit, Michigan, in 1946. Today, Kelly offers a full suite of outsourcing, consulting, and staffing solutions, delivered globally from over a 70-year heritage of dynamic talent innovations.

The acquisition of KLMS enhances Trustpoint’s growing footprint and ever-expanding suite of legal staffing and comprehensive legal solutions.

“I couldn’t be happier with this expansion of the Trustpoint brand to include KLMS. We are very pleased to welcome the Kelly Legal team and the clients they serve to the Trustpoint family,” said Mark Hawn, CEO of Trustpoint.One.

Jennifer Grossman, Esq., Senior Director and Global Practice Lead for KLMS added, “We can now provide our clients a more complete portfolio of business and legal solutions than ever before­. We are elated to join forces with the Trustpoint team and look forward to supporting the continued growth and success of our clients, employees and partners.”

Trustpoint Translations, a subsidiary of Trustpoint.One, a leading litigation support and translation services provider in the U.S., today announced the acquisition of Pittsburgh, PA-based Confluent Translations, one of the market’s most trusted and longstanding providers of corporate and legal translations services. Combined with Trustpoint Translations existing operations in the Greater Pittsburgh market and elsewhere, this acquisition will extend the range of services available to translation clients throughout the global market.

Trustpoint.One welcomes Confluent Translations to the Power of One.™
Mark Hawn, CEO of Trustpoint.One, said: “We are excited to welcome the Confluent team to the Trustpoint.One family. The addition of Confluent Translations is an important extension of our strategic acquisition and growth plan.”

Claes Holm, CEO of Trustpoint Translations, said: “The Confluent team under Charlene Nagy has been a proven and well-respected provider of quality translations services in Corporate America for over 25 years, and is a perfect fit for Trustpoint Translations as we rapidly expand our service offering.”

Charlene Nagy, founder and owner of Confluent, said: “Joining forces with Trustpoint Translations, with its seasoned leadership, and being part of the fast-growing Trustpoint.One family, will greatly benefit our current client base, as we will be able to offer an additional suite of complementary services.”

About Trustpoint.One:
Trustpoint.One, the largest privately held eDiscovery provider in the U.S., offers innovative business and legal solutions for leading law firms and corporations worldwide, including: eDiscovery, Managed Review, Depositions and Court Reporting Solutions, Translations, Legal Staffing and IT Staffing Solutions.

About Confluent Translations:
For over 25 years, Confluent Translations has provided translation and localization services to Corporate America in all languages and in all markets around the world. Known for its stellar reputation for quality on-time and on-budget delivery, Confluent also has documented a high level of customer service.

Trustpoint.One, a leading litigation support provider in the U.S., today announced the acquisition of Alderson Court Reporting, one of the nation’s most trusted and longstanding providers of deposition reporting and legal videography. This acquisition provides Trustpoint with a market-leading presence in the greater Washington, D.C. area, where Alderson is headquartered, and enhances Trustpoint’s growing national footprint.

Welcome to the Power of One™
Mark Hawn, CEO of Trustpoint, said: “We are excited to welcome the Alderson team to the Trustpoint.One family and look forward to expanding Trustpoint’s litigation lifecycle service offering.”

Gordon Shock, Alderson’s Vice President, said: “We have been proudly serving our clients in the legal community since 1938. AmLaw 100 firms, U.S. presidents and international agencies have all relied on our services for reporting, videography, case management, and more. We are honored to partner with Trustpoint.One to enhance the support and growth of our clients and employees.”

Amy Derr, Alderson’s Divisional Director of Resource Development, said, “I couldn’t be happier with this evolution of the company. Now our clients can enjoy an even more robust service platform for all of their litigation support needs.”

According to Trustpoint CEO Mark Hawn, “The addition of Alderson to Trustpoint.One is an important extension of our strategic acquisition plan. We look forward to working closely with the Alderson team.”

About Alderson 
Alderson Court Reporting provides a broad selection of reporting as well as document and case management services to the legal industry. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in Austin, TX, Alderson has been proudly serving top AmLaw firms, U.S. Presidents and international agencies ,since 1938. From transcripts for key U.S. Senate committees, to work on the September 11 Victim’s Compensation Fund hearings, Alderson has continually set the standard in court reporting.

Trustpoint.One announced the launch of their new eDiscovery offering, Managed Solutions™ today, right on time for Legaltech 2018. An intelligent departure from other managed service offerings, this market innovation delivers fully-scalable custom eDiscovery environments for a simple monthly fee, without the capital expense– or the usual contract.

Trustpoint’s CEO and Founder, Mark Hawn believes in following the Rockefeller Principals of business: “If you want to lead the market, do what the competition is unable or unwilling to do. By eliminating unnecessary contracts and hidden fees, we remove artificial constraints. We eliminate barriers to success.”

This bold move comes in response to soaring litigation costs, exponential growth in data complexity, and heightened demand from the marketplace to streamline the eDiscovery and document review process and reduce fees. eLawForum estimates the total annual cost of Fortune 500 litigation to be over $220 billion, equivalent to one-third of their after-tax profits, and larger economically than over half the countries in the world.

Trustpoint understands that supporting eDiscovery internally is a complex and costly distraction, given the time and capex required to manage ever-evolving technology and support personnel. The Trustpoint.One solution? Simplify.

Trustpoint offers a complete menu of fully integrated eDiscovery solutions, starting with a fully-supported IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering, all the way up to Priority.One™ – the “ultimate Managed Solution.” This contract- optional plan gives firms total administrative control of private Relativity® environments, including processing and priority customer support.

Hawn adds, “We offer clients flexibility and freedom. By allowing you to simply focus on what you do best, we shorten your timeline to success.”

Stay tuned– the company also has big plans to announce a global Relativity offering soon.