CLOC 2023 recap

Information Governance, Data Discovery, and AI, Oh My!

Some of the latest trends in the legal industry that we heard at CLOC 2023 The CLOC Global Institute is quickly becoming a leading event for those in the legal industry to learn of emerging legal technology. Trustpoint.One was able to attend…

Best Practices and Strategies for Managing Second Requests

Second requests are more intrusive and substantial than discovery requests during litigation, and they are not subject to negotiation. Let's explore some strategies for managing them effectively.

Security Matters – Protecting Data and People

With so much uncertainty returning to the question of on-site work, here's something you can be certain of...

Why It’s Helpful to Have a Review Architect

There are many different ways to get the job done, but how do you know what you don’t know?

A Leap of Faith

One lawyer’s unconventional path to career satisfaction - an interview with Trustpoint's Jennifer Peru Gary

Interview – Perspectives on Remote Review

Trustpoint's Denika Thomas, Esq, shares her thoughts about how people on all sides of the equation are adapting to the demands of remote environments. 

Successful, Secure, Remote Review: The Bigger Picture

For some time now, ediscovery and legal support companies have been experimenting with the idea of remote document review projects, to varying degrees of success. In light of COVID-19, remote everything is the new normal, and as we’ve…

One Million to Twelve Thousand. A Data Reduction Study.

Our Client, the defendant in a putative class action litigation, asked for our help to deal with a burdensome Request for Production. We were presented with roughly 500 gigabytes of data, or almost a million documents to review.…

5 reasons eDiscovery and Review work better together.

1) Improved Communication. The simple back and forth of team communication is often the biggest factor in slowing down the process. We’ve been part of every side of this equation. We’ve done just eDiscovery, just Review,…