Account Executive Job Description

The big picture:
We are positioned to capitalize on a new market of opportunity that hasn’t been touched by  Trustpoint.One previously. This position will be devoted to successfully engaging with, selling to and  fostering relationships with large enterprise and small innovative technology centric companies. As the  newest division of Trustpoint.One, this is a tremendous opportunity as we are rapidly building the sales  team. Come be a major contributor to our culture, have access to a transparent career path, rich growth  opportunity, a proven training blueprint, and top performance coaches. We invest 100’s of hours into  your success year one!

What you will accomplish in this role:

  • Be a rock star consultative sales professional. Ask the tough questions. Be curious. Uncover  your customer’s needs, problems, and goals. Showcase Trustpoint.One value proposition  strategizing to help your client’s business.
  • Showcase your awe‐inspiring talents through the entire sales cycle. From prospective like a  pro to introducing new clients to our value, to expanding our presence within existing  enterprise accounts.
  • Learn, Grow, Learn, Grow, Learn, Grow, Repeat – Balance your drive and commitment,  coupled with interpersonal skills, topped off with a win‐win mindset.
  • Build your book of business through sourcing new customers, cold calling, networking, social  media outreach, etc.
  • Scheduled and meet with clients to share our core capabilities and value proposition with a  goal of engaging them to use our professional staffing services.
  • Represent our portfolio from professional services to proposals and RFP’s.

What you bring to the table:


  • Results Oriented / Competitive
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Integrity
  • Winning Attitude
  • High Learning Aptitude
  • Energy / Drive


  • Bachelor’s Degree Required