The Power of One™ .

Improve Cost Predictability: Step Two in Non-Zero eDiscovery.

The complexity and rising costs associated with ESI and eDiscovery services are forcing innovation and market disruption with predictable pricing models, as seen in Trustpoint’s Managed Solutions offerings. There are many vendors claiming to offer similar eDiscovery managed services. They might have a bullet point on their website and may even have a web page dedicated to the model, but are eDiscovery managed services a core focus of their organization? How can you tell? One way is by examining how the eDiscovery provider allocates resources and makes money. Trustpoint is moving away from pricing its services in the traditional per-GB model, where each step in the process is more expensive than the previous, and toward aligning its interests with their clients’, making Trustpoint a true eDiscovery Managed Solutions provider. In addition to addressing the needs of any given project, the Trustpoint approach focuses on a comprehensive business solution to handle all of an organization’s projects, enabling more control over their eDiscovery business. These engagements can include a combination of workflow, technology and infrastructure support and are priced at the environment level. Following are two examples:

• In the case of an organization that wants to directly license eDiscovery software, they can engage Trustpoint to host the software, manage upgrades, storage and other IT functions, the law firm would pay a predictable flat monthly fee for this service to handle all their cases.
• Then there are multi-tenancy engagements, where groups want full control of an eDiscovery platform but do not want the upfront licensing and hardware expense. In this case, they would get administrative control and capacity for a fixed monthly fee.

To recap, rather than charging increasingly large fees due to the infinite growth of ESI that needed to be collected, accessed, managed, and stored for eDiscovery (and the enormous financial burden to clients that comes with it), Trustpoint.One delivers a non-zero-sum Managed SolutionsTM model, giving legal teams the infrastructure, technology and priority customer service they demand– but for a fixed monthly fee.