Legal Load Management: Strategies From the NBA

If you followed the NBA in recent years, you’ve probably heard the term load management being discussed. Essentially, it is a strategy teams are using to protect the health of their athletes. The idea, embraced by forward thinking…

Work Backwards From a Smiling Customer

In this interview, Our Executive Vice President of eDiscovery, Phil Shellhaas, answers the question: How do you separate yourself when everyone has access to the same technology?

What is Flexible Legal Talent?

In this interview, Cristine Rankin (From our partner, Entrusted Advisors) explains the Flexible Legal Talent model from multiple perspectives. What it is, how firms can use it, and what it means for lawyers.

Successful, Secure, Remote Review: The Bigger Picture

For some time now, ediscovery and legal support companies have been experimenting with the idea of remote document review projects, to varying degrees of success. In light of COVID-19, remote everything is the new normal, and as we’ve…

One Million to Twelve Thousand. A Data Reduction Study.

Our Client, the defendant in a putative class action litigation, asked for our help to deal with a burdensome Request for Production. We were presented with roughly 500 gigabytes of data, or almost a million documents to review.…

Interim, On-Demand Legal Talent as a Long Term Solution

A Common Misconception There is common assumption that interim, on-demand legal talent can only be used as a stop-gap or temporary solution. This isn’t necessarily the case. The benefits can also be applied long-term. For example: Ten…


Discovery Is Not Just eDiscovery Video

Discovery Is Not Just eDiscovery: The Benefits of Data Discovery, Mitigating Risks, and How We Can Reduce Spend for Your Organization and Pre-Litigation.

The way that information is stored and processed can present organizational risks. By understanding how data is used and implementing effective governance policies, it is possible to meaningfully mitigate those risks.

With all the hype recently about generative AI and other AI software being used within the legal industry, we need to be aware of what is out there and how it can impact our business operations.  Learn the positives along with the cautions of how this emerging technology may affect our day-to-day working and personal lives.

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