Attorneys & Ai: The Future is Collaborative

While Ai will radically alter how work gets done and who does it, the technology’s larger impact will be in complementing and augmenting human capabilities, not replacing them.

How Dedicated Pods Deliver a Great Customer Experience

As ediscovery becomes more and more commoditized, many firms are focused on different ways to create value and develop better partnerships with legal teams. We spoke with Phil Shellhaas, Executive Vice President of Legal Solutions, to learn…

Flexible Talent: Evolving Resilience 
in Trying Times

Though it’s been around for twenty years or more, the flexible talent model is a game changer that’s redefining legal operations. We spoke with Cristine Rankin, our partner at Entrusted Advisors, about what this solution can do.

Aligning Interests & Rethinking eDiscovery

We got together with Zeke Alicea, who has been in the legal tech industry for more than 15 years, to get his perspective on the industry and talk about long-term relationships, creating a win-win solution, and challenging the status quo.

Paralegal Life: Adding Value in a Remote World

Trustpoint's Amanda Mosbaugh talks about life from the perspective of a paralegal. How to handle the chaos, what impact the switch to remote work has had, and more.

From Courtrooms to Living Rooms: Adjusting to Virtual Depositions

We sat down with two experienced court reporters to find out how they’ve adapted.


The way that information is stored and processed can present organizational risks. By understanding how data is used and implementing effective governance policies, it is possible to meaningfully mitigate those risks.

With all the hype recently about generative AI and other AI software being used within the legal industry, we need to be aware of what is out there and how it can impact our business operations.  Learn the positives along with the cautions of how this emerging technology may affect our day-to-day working and personal lives.

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