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We believe in connecting companies and people to a better future. Our job is simply to open the door.


When you need help and need it quickly, Trustpoint has you covered. We maintain active relationships with all our consultants for the duration of all contract assignments. Which means they always have what they need, and you get your job done right.

Contract to Hire

There is a reason this process is becoming so much more common in today’s workforce. The contract period is essentially a way for both the candidate and the company to get to know one another and see if the fit is right. Interviews only tell you so much, and nothing beats working on an actual project.

Direct Hire

Every situation is different. Sometimes clients need a direct hire. When this is the case, we use every tool at our disposal to make sure you get the right candidate. We match not only the skills required, but the cultural side of things as well.

Our GuaranteeTwo important promises to make sure your talent is the right talent.

The Skills Match the Resume

These days, one of the biggest challenges in technology staffing is making sure the skills on the resume are backed by true experience. Through our proven vetting process, we guarantee the candidates you interview have the technical competency required.

Done at the Speed of Business

To get the right talent, time isn’t always on your side. We often hear of clients missing out on great people because they accepted another offer during the interview process. We advise our clients on interviewing strategies to streamline the process, thus saving time and acquiring the right talent more efficiently.

How we do it – Our four step process to develop and deliver exceptional talent.

The Skills Match the Resume

At Trustpoint.One, our first and most important step is to listen. We develop an understanding of your unique situation, the specific opening and the challenges you may face with filling it. We strive to understand your culture, requirements, and desired outcome in order to help you find a candidate that will not only fit, but thrive.

Done at the Speed of Business

We believe successful delivery of the right talent is about creating win-win relationships. The key is aligning candidates’ skills, goals and interests with those of the culture, environment and strategy of our client. That’s really what it comes down to. We leverage everything at our disposal – our tools, our database and our technology are all focused on making it happen.


Customized recruiting strategies work. With this in mind, we align our industry and skill-set experts to connect you with great people. We do this through a unique requirement-qualification process that meets both technical and cultural needs.


It’s about the relationship. We optimize our onboarding, training and retention programs to ensure a seamless candidate experience. From there we follow up with reports and strategic retention programs giving our clients insights clients desired outcomes.

Yes, we have references

If you have interest, we would love to speak with you. We can share our history of success, and yes we will share our references. Give us a call, or send us an email below. Let us show you what we can do.

Let’s Talk

We get it. Everyone claims to have access to the best talent. This, right now, is the nature of the business. If you are a new client, we don’t expect you to give us your trust. We ask for the opportunity to earn it.

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