The Power of One™ .

Announcing the Power of One™

Trustpoint.One announced the launch of their new eDiscovery offering, Managed Solutions™ today, right on time for Legaltech 2018. An intelligent departure from other managed service offerings, this market innovation delivers fully-scalable custom eDiscovery environments for a simple monthly fee, without the capital expense– or the usual contract.

Trustpoint’s CEO and Founder, Mark Hawn believes in following the Rockefeller Principals of business: “If you want to lead the market, do what the competition is unable or unwilling to do. By eliminating unnecessary contracts and hidden fees, we remove artificial constraints. We eliminate barriers to success.”

This bold move comes in response to soaring litigation costs, exponential growth in data complexity, and heightened demand from the marketplace to streamline the eDiscovery and document review process and reduce fees. eLawForum estimates the total annual cost of Fortune 500 litigation to be over $220 billion, equivalent to one-third of their after-tax profits, and larger economically than over half the countries in the world.

Trustpoint understands that supporting eDiscovery internally is a complex and costly distraction, given the time and capex required to manage ever-evolving technology and support personnel. The Trustpoint.One solution? Simplify.

Trustpoint offers a complete menu of fully integrated eDiscovery solutions, starting with a fully-supported IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering, all the way up to Priority.One™ – the “ultimate Managed Solution.” This contract- optional plan gives firms total administrative control of private Relativity® environments, including processing and priority customer support.

Hawn adds, “We offer clients flexibility and freedom. By allowing you to simply focus on what you do best, we shorten your timeline to success.”

Stay tuned– the company also has big plans to announce a global Relativity offering soon.