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Case Depository

Powered by Box

Simple, secure, centralized storage for all your case documents

With Case Depository, you can upload, download, and view almost any type of case document in any file format. Powered by Box Cloud Technology, our Case Depository is easy to use and completely secure. By having all case documents in a single, secure location, it makes collaboration among legal teams simple and efficient.
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Enterprise security and compliance standards

Case Depository is built on the enterprise level of Box, which means it has the highest level of cyber-security available. Case Depository is fully compliant with HIPAA, FEDRAMP and all other industry standards. Files are synchronized across multiple U.S. based locations, and every access event is logged and completely transparent.

Cloud Storage

Simplify everything with cloud storage. No shipping or waiting for documents, just a single, centralized depository.

Easy & Searchable

Case Depository is easy to use and searchable, so you can always find what you’re looking for.


Designed for litigation, you can share privately, send links to expert witnesses, and collaborate in any native file format.

Mobile Friendly

Securely view over 100 file formats on your mobile device without needing to download any additional software.

Quite simply – it’s a more efficient approach to legal collaboration

Case Depository is the modern way for legal teams to collaborate. It combines all the features you need for an efficient process. You can search, share, and manage documents. Need to send evidence to an expert? Easy to do with Case Depository. Need to arrange a group of documents into a folder for reference? Also easy to do. And best of all, it’s free to use. Get in touch to learn more.

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