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Enhancing Litigation Support Services to the Construction Industry

This partnership perfectly matches MC Consultant’s forensic consulting experience and our ability to improve how teams process data for legal matters.

Trustpoint.One Announces Strategic Partnership with MC Consultants

July 15, 2022

We’re pleased to announce a key partnership with MC Consultants, Inc., designed to provide clients in the construction litigation industry with a simplified model of prioritizing evidence first through Ai-enhanced workflows.

“Choosing the right partners is about finding expertise across industries. This partnership perfectly matches MC Consultants’ forensic consulting experience and our ability to improve how teams process data for legal matters.”

– Mark Hawn, Trustpoint.One CEO

This partnership positions MC Consultants’ forensic team to perform rapid analysis of large volumes of documentation (via artificial intelligence). This capability enhances the wide range of industry-leading construction and forensic consulting services performed. MC Consultants will now be able to utilize our latest project management platform, called MC Intelligence™. MC Intelligence will serve well to enable an “evidence-first” approach when reviewing construction-related data.

Construction litigation data sources and the volume of data continues to grow exponentially with the widespread adoption of new project management platforms and collaborative cloud-based communication and work platforms. The methods of how companies collect, analyze, and present this information have a direct impact on just about every aspect of the case. Fortunately, the technology, workflow, and expertise needed is evolving just as quickly. We now can re-establish evidence as the foundation of discovery by leveraging technology advancements such as Ai-enhanced workflows through MC Intelligence, powered by Trustpoint.One.

“MC Consultants is excited to be adding rapid data analysis to our suite of construction and forensic consulting service offerings. MC Intelligence will dramatically reduce the time required to review and research large data related projects.”

– Dan Ducommun, President & CEO of MC Consultants

About Trustpoint.One
Trustpoint is an alternative legal service provider in the U.S. with solutions that address the modern litigation lifecycle using technology-enabled processes and legal operational expertise to deliver specialized solutions. That’s the Power of One™ trusted partner for your legal support needs.

About MC Consultants, Inc.
Since 1989, MC’s team of professional consultants have leveraged their extensive
backgrounds in both construction and construction forensics to deliver industry-leading construction consulting and forensic consulting services. Our forensics team delivers consulting services in support of construction and general liability related insurance claims. Our forensics expertise includes investigation of construction defects, construction site accidents and injuries, accident reconstruction, traffic and roadway claims, product failures and first-and third-party property damage analysis.