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Increasing our Focus on People

Our Director of HR, Kaylee Reed, discusses how Trustpoint values its employees, and how that creates a collaborative work environment.

As we’ve evolved as an organization, we’ve become increasingly focused on people. It may be true that every business is ultimately the people business, but we think this is especially true for legal solutions. More and more, our business is based on long-standing relationships with our clients. For us to manage those long-term relationships, we need employees that are equally invested for the long-term.

Consistent Legal Support
In the legal industry, context is crucial. As a partner to law firms and corporate legal departments, it’s our job to know our clients preferences, strategies, and tactics. As we are often engaged in matters that have multi-year timelines, it’s also our job to maintain a consistent support strategy for the full duration of those matters. We can’t waste valuable time explaining client expectations, what has been done so far, and how to handle key challenges. Given this, we have long recognized that retaining our valued employees – and their contextual/institutional knowledge – is crucial.

Focus on People
Kaylee Reed, our Director of Human Resources, sums it up. “As a company, it’s important that our employees feel valued and heard. Valuing people promotes the kind of stability and collaborative environment we’re looking for as an organization.” As a company, Trustpoint is fond of talking about win-win relationships. It’s how we try to structure our dealings with clients, and it’s how we try to behave with our employees. “We make it a point to proactively and candidly gather employee feedback,” Reed says. “This allows us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver on what’s important to our team members.” Crucially, in our experience, a collaborative corporate environment is what leads to a collaborative, partnership-based approach to our client relationships. You can’t have one without the other.

Proof in Numbers
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average tenure of 3.9 years for those in professional and technical services. We’re happy to report that, on average, people who join the Trustpoint team are retained nearly 23% longer than the national average. Additionally, members of our Business Development teams stay with Trustpoint 68% longer than the national average (5.4 years compared to 3.2). Our operations team averages 4.6 years of tenure, which again is 20% above the national average.

After more than two decades in legal support, we’re keenly aware of its pressures. Maintaining a healthy organizational climate and culture is critical. We understand that it all comes down to people. Our employees trust us to put that perspective first, to foster a supportive workplace and a positive professional experience. And in turn, our clients trust them to produce the best possible results. This is Trustpoint.One.