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In this recent article, we review the top six strategies that are essential for managing a successful second request. To do it right, you’ll need to consider everything from technology to compliance.

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Delivering what Matters

Expertise and experience are vital to the success of eDiscovery antitrust matters. For over 100 years we have learned from the best while working with the top law firms. From this experience we have created successful workflows, including a well documented process based on the Lean Six Sigma methodology. We will help you avoid common pitfalls, negotiate ESI protocols, communicate with counsel, select search terms and deploy the right technology (including AI or predictive analytics). We also work closely with your firm and the DOJ to create a government-validated, end-to-end process. This ensures on-time delivery and full compliance with the request.

People & Process

The best process can only be built on the expertise of the people creating and implementing it. To that end, our attorneys ensure that you have the most accurate and productive team possible. We use throughput and accuracy to objectively measure the performance of over 10,000 of the top attornies. We identify attornies who are quick and accurate to ensure you have the best talent on your team.

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