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Security Matters – Protecting Data and People

With so much uncertainty returning to the question of on-site work, here's something you can be certain of...

As the summer season winds down and Labor Day approaches, businesses and firms are again taking stock of their plans to bring employees back into the office amidst ongoing uncertainty and a general public grappling with inconsistent health guidelines, differing state mask mandates, and overall pandemic fatigue. Some business leaders, like the CEO of Morgan Stanley have made their preferences very clear, announcing that all employees needed to be “back in the office by September or else.” Other firms like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have had to revise their guidelines to offer more work from home and/or hybrid policies. The legal marketplace is no different. Firms across the country are taking a varied approach to re-opening – some are requiring employees return in-person, some are not making that a requirement at all, and many are implementing a hybrid approach. New information and policies are emerging on practically a weekly basis and there’s still a general feeling of uncertainty in the air.

Safety and security come first

Here’s something you can be certain of, no matter how the policies change in your state or your firm — Trustpoint.One has the flexibility and security infrastructure in place to adapt on a moment’s notice. Today’s business environment has only highlighted our priorities, which remain the safety and health of all employees while maintaining the highest levels of data security and integrity, especially for remote workers.

Back in 2020, we had to suddenly pivot like everyone else. We transitioned the entirely of our review operations to our remote solution in under two weeks. Since then, we’ve run an average of 750 review attorneys on our remote network, day in and day out.

Yet we’re also cognizant that many firms and legal departments remain wary of remote review security. As Jack Thompson, assistant director, legal chief operations at Sanofi told, “The only thing that I would say is that I feel more sure when document reviewers are on-site,” he said. “I don’t trust your [home] Comcast network.”

Well, guess what? We don’t exactly trust home networks either, which is why we offer our “Trust Review” solution. Basically, it leverages AWS (Amazon Web Services) DaaS solution to create an interstitial space, a secure MFA bubble between the review space & the home network. It’s secure no matter what network the reviewer is on. Couple this with our other security measures, like dedicated workstations, best in class AES- 256 encryption, & ISO & SOC certified data centers, and you have a solution that provides the highest level of data security available.

On-site Possibilities

Depending upon your firm’s current policies, we may be able to host your review on-site. Our Atlanta review center is currently open. Like many firms engaging in on-site work, we actively monitor and adhere to CDC and local guidelines and have implemented enhanced safety measures.

Currently, our Atlanta review center employs the following protocols for safety:

  • Full-time nurse on-site
  • Social distancing and workstation distancing
  • Enhanced ventilation systems
  • Temperature check controls upon entering

And rest assured, if the situation changes, we can change right along with it. If, for whatever reason, you have to transition between on-site and remote reviews or back again, we can accommodate you with only minimal interruption. We’ve done it before, at  scale, and have the transition teams and procedures firmly in place.

“The safety and well-being of our employees, our clients and their data is of paramount importance,“ says Mark Hawn, CEO and Founder of Trustpoint. “The pandemic has challenged many business norms in the legal community, and fortunately, we were already positioned to meet the demands of providing highly secure remote review services with the ability to transition to on-site reviews at a moment’s notice. Trustpoint has always been about putting our clients and their needs first, the last year has only highlighted that fact.”