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Trustpoint.One Announces New Chicago-based Ai Consulting Group

Trustpoint.One, NexLP Partnership Brings Power of Applied Artificial Intelligence To Clients

Trustpoint.One, a premier provider of integrated legal solutions in the U.S., today announced the creation of a new Artificial Intelligence Consulting group headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. This new venture from Trustpoint coincides with a partnership with NexLP and increases its growing national footprint and spearheads their move into AI-based approaches to eDiscovery and knowledge management.

As the proliferation of data increases at an ever-expanding rate, the use of Artificial Intelligence is becoming an essential tool in legal technology. Jaclyn Schoen, VP of Strategy and AI at Trustpoint, says: “It just isn’t possible anymore to analyze data manually, the vast quantities of interrelated documents now require intelligent computing in order to make sense of them.” She adds, “Ultimately, our work is about understanding data. For our clients, it’s about delivering what matters.”

Trustpoint’s new AI group leverages NexLP’s Story Engine solution to provide clients with enhanced early case assessment (ECA), technology-assisted review (TAR) and Continuous Active Learning (CAL) for building AI models to efficiently uncover critical case details and provide instant evidence necessary to win their cases.

“Jaclyn Schoen and the Trustpoint team are working diligently to stay one step ahead of the eDiscovery curve by expanding their physical and technological footprint,” said Jay Leib, NexLP CEO. “This partnership brings the power of NexLP’s AI platform to Trustpoint’s clients to streamline legal teams’ abilities to find the facts that matter in the shortest amount of time, resulting in exceptional outcomes.”

The Power of One™

The new consulting group adds to Trustpoint’s already comprehensive lineup of integrated legal solutions. “Our goal,” says Mark Hawn, Trustpoint CEO, “is to provide everything our clients need, all in one place. Our new group in Chicago will be providing an essential resource in today’s legal landscape and setting us up for the future as well.”

The move into Artificial Intelligence is a natural progression for the company, which has a history of providing technology-based legal solutions. “Our clients are not concerned with technology itself, they are concerned with their case and achieving the best possible outcome.” Says Phil Shellhaas, Executive Vice President – Legal Discovery Solutions.

“Our job is to leverage the right technology, at the right time, and in the right context in order for the client to achieve their best possible outcome.”

About Trustpoint.One:
Trustpoint.One, the largest privately held eDiscovery provider in the U.S., offers integrated legal solutions for leading law firms and corporations worldwide, including: eDiscovery, Managed Review, Depositions and Court Reporting Solutions, Translations, Legal Staffing and IT Staffing Solutions.

About NexLP:
NexLP’s Story Engine™ uses AI and machine learning to derive actionable insight from structured and unstructured data to help legal, corporate and compliance teams proactively mitigate risk and untapped opportunities faster and with a greater understanding of context.