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Introducing RemotePro™ from Trustpoint.One – the next evolution in deposition technology.

What is RemotePro?

RemotePro is a purpose-built legal platform that combines secure video conferencing, interactive exhibit management, and cloud storage of deposition assets in an easy-to-use, professional interface.

Simple Yet Advanced

Attorneys can easily upload, share, stamp, and annotate digital exhibits, matching normal deposition workflows while providing participants with a seamless experience.

  • Upload
  • Share
  • Stamp
  • Annotate


RemotePro features a simple, intuitive interface that is easy to learn


Modern end-to-end encryption ensures that all sensitive information is secure


All-in-one purpose-built software is the future of remote depositions

Cloud Storage

Built-in storage for exhibit documents simplifies document management


Review tool for use during the proceeding with audio playback and speech-to-text


The future of remote depositions starts here

Web-Based Platform

  • Nothing to download or install, the platform is browser-based for Mac, PC, and Android devices
  • An iOS application is available for download on iPads and iPhones

Accessible Sidebar Rooms

  • Private and lockable sidebar rooms provide a secure area for off-the-record discussions
  • Sidebar rooms are only open and available when off the record

Integrated Exhibit Management

  • Built-in exhibit management for pdf, image, and office documents
  • Uploaded exhibits are private until shared
  • Stamp, share, and annotate exhibits with just a click
  • Share Screen allows you to display other files including audio and video

Industry Standard Security

  • Account based authentication ensures that no uninvited parties may join your proceeding
  • Video and web traffic is end-to-end encrypted
  • All exhibit and audio/video files are encrypted at rest

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