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What is Flexible Legal Talent?

In this interview, Cristine Rankin (From our partner, Entrusted Advisors) explains the Flexible Legal Talent model from multiple perspectives. What it is, how firms can use it, and what it means for lawyers.

One Million to Twelve Thousand. A Data Reduction Study.

Our Client, the defendant in a putative class action litigation, asked for our help to deal with a burdensome Request for Production. We were presented with roughly 500 gigabytes of data, or almost a million documents to review. We were able to reduce the review set size to less than 80,000 using traditional search term […]

Interim, On-Demand Legal Talent as a Long Term Solution

A Common Misconception There is common assumption that interim, on-demand legal talent can only be used as a stop-gap or temporary solution. This isn’t necessarily the case. The benefits can also be applied long-term. For example: Ten Years, Fifty Legal ProfessionalsThe Corporate Legal Department of a Fortune 500 corporation was experiencing growth and an ongoing […]

Force Majeure & CLM

The global fight against COVID-19 has disrupted businesses worldwide. These disruptions have brought contractual force majeure clauses to the forefront of many organization’s concerns, both for risk assessment and mitigation and as a prelude to possible sweeping regulatory and legal changes in COVID-19’s aftermath.  Strategies for Assessment Most organizations face the daunting task of accounting […]

Preparing for Your Remote Deposition

Preparing for a remote deposition is similar but slightly different than preparing for  one that is attended in person. For the purposes of this article, we’ll break the preparation into two parts; the technology part and the deposition part. The technology part will cover everything relating to the operation of the virtual platform, and the […]

Trustpoint.One Recommends Virtual Review Initiative in Response to Coronavirus Challenges

Nation’s Largest Privately Held Discovery Services Provider Has a Solution to Mitigate Health Risks.ATLANTA, GA. March 12, 2020 As the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, leading health organizations, including the WHO and CDC, have advised against unnecessary travel and avoidance of large group settings. In response, Trustpoint.One, a premier provider of integrated legal […]