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Preparing for Your Remote Deposition

Preparing for a remote deposition is similar but slightly different than preparing for  one that is attended in person. For the purposes of this article, we’ll break the preparation into two parts; the technology part and the deposition part. The technology part will cover everything relating to the operation of the virtual platform, and the […]

Trustpoint.One Recommends Virtual Review Initiative in Response to Coronavirus Challenges

Nation’s Largest Privately Held Discovery Services Provider Has a Solution to Mitigate Health Risks.ATLANTA, GA. March 12, 2020 As the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, leading health organizations, including the WHO and CDC, have advised against unnecessary travel and avoidance of large group settings. In response, Trustpoint.One, a premier provider of integrated legal […]

Trustpoint.One Announces New Chicago-based Ai Consulting Group

Trustpoint.One, NexLP Partnership Brings Power of Applied Artificial Intelligence To Clients Trustpoint.One, a premier provider of integrated legal solutions in the U.S., today announced the creation of a new Artificial Intelligence Consulting group headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. This new venture from Trustpoint coincides with a partnership with NexLP and increases its growing national footprint and […]

Year in Review

It’s been a busy year at Trustpoint.One. We’ve continued on our mission to provide our clients the most complete, integrated suite of legal solutions available anywhere. We’ve acquired multiple firms, we’ve released new technologies, and we’ve made important strides into the future of legal tech with Artificial Intelligence. Alderson In early 2019, we finalized the […]


5 reasons eDiscovery and Review work better together.

1) Improved Communication. The simple back and forth of team communication is often the biggest factor in slowing down the process. We’ve been part of every side of this equation. We’ve done just eDiscovery, just Review, and we’ve done both. There is no comparison. When the eDiscovery and Review teams are literally on the same […]

Ethical eDiscovery for New York Lawyers

The pervasiveness of technology in our everyday lives is unmistakable.  The next time you walk down a city street, go out for coffee or spend time at a family gathering, take a moment, and reflect upon the number of people on their mobile devices – it is astonishing!  At this moment, you may be asking […]

Case Study: A Legal Translation Challenge

Solving a Law Firm’s Translation Challenge. An AMLAW 100 Firm approached Trustpoint with the need to translate 380,000 words from Spanish into English on a rush basis. The matter involved litigation related to a power company. All documents were in PDF format, which were created from several different file types: PPT, Word, scanned documents with […]

Five eDiscovery Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

The pace of technological innovation and the explosion of electronically stored information (ESI) has forced the legal industry to adapt quickly. This is particularly true when it comes to eDiscovery. The vast amounts of data created by email, text and social media meant eDiscovery providers themselves needed technology to deal with these new challenges. While […]

Improve Cost Predictability: Step Two in Non-Zero eDiscovery.

The complexity and rising costs associated with ESI and eDiscovery services are forcing innovation and market disruption with predictable pricing models, as seen in Trustpoint’s Managed Solutions offerings. There are many vendors claiming to offer similar eDiscovery managed services. They might have a bullet point on their website and may even have a web page […]

Case Study: Localizing an HR Platform.

A Fortune 200 global manufacturer was transforming their Human Resources (HR) platform so that the workforce would be able to carry out activities previously handled by HR team members. The goal was to engage employees and their managers in making decisions swiftly, without requiring multiple levels of approvals. They determined this change would require translation […]