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Trustpoint.One’s Legalweek CLE Recap

Last week at Legalweek, Trustpoint.One hosted a Lunch and Learn titled “Prevent your data from becoming toxic: Mapping, Privacy Risk Analysis, Cyber Threats, DSAR, & Discovery.” The Lunch and Learn allowed conference attendees to take a break from the conference’s packed schedule, network with their peers and colleagues, and learn about some of the latest developments in data privacy and information governance.

The speakers were experts in the multiple facets of data privacy and information governance, lending their expertise and titles of Chief Legal Officer, In-house Counsel, Director of Cyber Services, and Chief Technology Officer to the discussion. They provided tremendous insight on topics such data mapping, data privacy regulations, data discovery, and privacy risks. They also shared some of their experiences and best practices, which helped the attendees to gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities in their respective fields.

The timely discussion of ChatGPT was a highlight of the event. Like most technology, there are good and bad elements, but the swift emergence of this technology simply cannot be ignored. Some points of discussion included data privacy risks involving data input into artificial intelligence services and the possibility of threat actors using generative content from artificial intelligence to make phishing emails look more trustworthy. In addition, the panel and audience discussion focused on the importance of being proactive to mitigate data privacy risks and how data privacy regulations come into play, such as the California Privacy Rights Act.

Overall, the Lunch and Learn event was a rewarding discussion with subject matter experts and their thoughts on the trends and evolution of data privacy and information governance. The event demonstrated the importance of continuous learning and networking and it provided a great opportunity for our company to connect with our peers and colleagues in-person.

We look forward to hosting similar events in the future and continuing to support the growth and development of the data privacy and information governance industry.


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